Posted by: ecrivain | June 27, 2011

My Sister Is An Asshole

Don’t know why, but my entire post didn’t post. I’ve been posting via email, and the following was missing from my last post:

I think the longer my sister has been married to my asshole brother-in-law, the more she’s become a bit of an asshole herself.

Or maybe I’m the one who’s being an asshole?

So, when we treat our parents for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, my parents think it’s only fair that my sister and I split the bill in such a way that the Sister pays out more — otherwise, if we split the bill evenly, it’d be like I was treating not only my parents but my brother-in-law as well for a dinner that was meant in honour of one of our parents.

My sister thinks this is "bullshit." (Her words.)

I find that, the longer she’s been married to the asshole brother-in-law, the more small-minded, stingy, and cheap she has become.

She’s also super sensitive to his moods and will do anything to avoid getting him angry — including all sorts of pre-emptive things that just go overboard.

Like, she’ll assume that he’s deathly bored having to come over to visit the parents, so she never visits unless she absolutely has to. And then, when she comes over, she likes to come as close to a meal-time as possible, eat, and then leave immediately afterwards.

She’s become a jerk.

Anyways…in other stuff…

So, I came across this tidbit online — the source being Glamour magazine, of all things — about how sociologists at the University of Iowa have discovered that women who had sex before the age of 16 were more likely to get divorced than those who had waited until after turning 16.
So…does that mean that, if I ever manage to find someone to marry and settle down with, I won’t wind up getting divorced?



  1. My elder sister tends to become an asshole when she’s in a relationship. I always figured good ones actually bring out the best in a person.

    I wouldn’t look too deeply on that little tidbit. Plenty of women divorce regardless of whether or not they were sexually active before or after 16. Sometimes these studies aren’t thoroughly explored before they spit out facts.

  2. I agree with Tya on the divorce statistic. Correlation does not imply causation.

    Your sister’s behavior reminds me so much of mine when I was with my ex. I was always trying not to piss him off, including telling him he didn’t have to visit my parents (but he had his sick mom as an excuse), but I also didn’t want him to blame me for anything, to give him any reason to call me out, so that if he did, in a way I could use that against him. I could say, “Well, I did nothing wrong so there!” It was the only power I had.

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