Go Ahead And E-mail Me

Sometimes, what I miss most about posting in a forum like Livejournal is hearing from other people.

So, please leave a comment or feel free to drop me an e-mail at ecrivain.anonyme@gmail.com.



  1. Funny how you so beautifully verbalize a lot of what I feel so often – wish I had that kinda skill. You touched me with this one. Weird how you offer yourself to your mom and get shut down. FOR GOD’S SAKE – SHE’S YOUR MOM!! She’s supposed to be ready to stand by your side whatever invitation you make to her. It would break my heart if my daughter treated me the way your mom treats you. Trouble is, though, she probably doesn’t notice there’s anything wrong with how she reacts to you.

  2. I think you’re right — I don’t think she notices. And I guess that’s what pains me — she doesn’t do it on purpose…which means that she doesn’t really know me at all.

    You’d think the woman who gave you life would know you better than anybody else…but not so in this case.

  3. Sorry – I’m new to this. I just found your response. Will try respond quicker. You sound like you feel deeply for those that surround you, yet get little back. My family (and husband’s) is very similar. They can only relate on a very superficial level and act completely confused (or pretend they are) when I mention their hurtful behaviors. Let me guess …… when you say something to her, she acts like you’re being silly/overly sensitive/immature/controlling/or (place your own assign-the-blame-elsewhere description here).

  4. Hello there! I’m glad I found your site. Will drop by often here. =)

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